Participate in the Gamestarter Platform's Launch Party

We will randomly select 2000 winners who complete all the steps listed below, and $GAME tokens will be deposited to their accounts on the Gamestarter Platform. 

Each winner will get 125 $GAME (at the presale price of $0.08), which they could use to cover up to 30% of any NFT cost, up to three unique NFTs.

All winners will be announced on the official Gamestarter Twitter account. Bots and duplicate entries will be automatically disqualified.
Early access platform live on August 12th. Full version of the platform launches in Q4, 2021.
Add $GAME to your CoinMarketCap watchlist: 
In case of winning, your email will be automatically whitelisted on Gamestarter platform and 125 $GAME coins will be deposited to your account.
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