❌ Restricted Countries

Participants (citizens) from the following countries are strictly excluded/not allowed to participate in the IGOs on Gamestarter launchpad: Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Rep, Congo DR, Cuba, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine Regions of Crimean and Sevastopol, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Russia.

#1 How do I participate in IGOs?

1. Go to "IDO Staking" page
2. Connect your wallet
3. Stake enough $GAME to get one of the levels. You can see the required amount to stake in the list of levels: www.gamestarter.com/levels
4. Register for an IGO you want to participate in. When IGO registration period starts (usually 24h before the IGO start), you need to open the Pools page and click the "Register" button in an IGO pool card.

#2 What are the steps of an IGO?

1. IGO registration opens 24 hours before the IGO sale start
2. Registration closes 1 hour before the sale start
3. Lottery levels winners and whitelist winners are announced
4. Base allocation is calculated. It depends on the number of participants and ensures that there are enough tokens for guaranteed allocation.
5. IGO sale starts, registered participants with guaranteed allocation, lottery and whitelist winners are allowed to fund their allocations in the pool.
6. FCFS round starts 30 minutes before the IDO sale end
7. Once sale is finished, we collect the funding data. The token distribution and listing information can be found on the Gamestarter Announcements Telegram channel.

#3 What is First Come First Serve (FCFS) sale? And who can participate in it?

60 minutes before the sale ends, when a pool is not sold out, FCFS round opens.

All stakers with their level higher than "NONE", who have registered or wildcard participants who were drawn in the lottery can participate.
All participants get an additional opportunity to buy as many tokens as they can in this round.

#4 Do I need to unstake/restake for each IGO?

No. You are eligible for any IGOs as long as your $GAME remain staked. The amount staked will be matched to the current level system.

#5 Can I unstake after each IGO?

Once registered for an IGO, your account will be locked and cannot be unstaked for 5 days starting after the IGO start date.

#6 Do I have to stake my $GAME for 5 days to qualify for IGO?

No, Gamestarter launchpad does not implement a pre-IGO staking policy.

#7 I have staked X $GAME and have Y level, yet the pool page shows 'Your level is too low to participate'. Why?

To participate in an IGO you need to register. Please refer to question #1.

#8 What is the difference between guaranteed allocation and lottery levels?

Lottery levels — L1, L2, L3 — only give you a chance to win in a lottery for each IGO. Once the registration period ends, you will be able to see if you're a winner on a pool page.
Guaranteed levels guarantee you the allocation calculated based on the base allocation and your level multiplier.

#9 I have registered for an upcoming IGO with a certain amount of $GAME already staked. If I purchase more $GAME and stake them after registering, will my level be upgraded?

Registration takes an on chain snap transaction to determine level. As such, if registration has already taken place, added $GAME will not be applied to change your level for the IGO you intend to partake in. However, they can be added to an existing stake pool to upgrade your tier for future IGOs.

#10 Do I have to register for each IGO?

Yes. This way we can ensure only stakers who want to participate are considered for base allocation calculation. This gives a better, bigger allocation for participants.

#11 For IGO registration purposes, is there any benefit to stake an amount slightly over the tier requirement? (e.g. 760 $GAME for L1 Lottery).

No, any amount between the predetermined number of $GAME in the level system will be rounded down. So, 760 to 750 $GAME will only qualify you for the L1 Lottery tier.

#12 When will I find out about my allocation?

Allocations will only be calculated and released shortly after the registration period ends. The amount you will receive depends on the number of participants and the amount raised by the pool originator.

#13 How long do I have to fund my IGO allocation?

The time depends on pool originators, you can see the timeline for registration start/end, sale start/end and FCFS period start on the pool page.

#14 What can I fund my allocation with?

It will depend on each project. We are working to implement BEP-20 & ERC-20 $GAME staking for most projects.

#15 How do I find the token address for the project I just invested in?

Generally, the official address will be shared by the respective projects. Also, you can see it on the pool page (you might need to refresh the page), as soon as Gamestarter team receives this information.